A New Title

Welcome to Session Spiels!  As I start to change the direction of the blog, I thought it was time for a new name!  Especially, since my URL included my maiden name.  LEGALLY, the change hasn't been made yet (did anyone put it off just because it seemed so daunting?).  I keep telling myself I don't want to take the girls I nanny to take care of it so I am sticking with that excuse and finally biting the bullet next month when I have a few weekdays off work.

Anyways, back to the point.  My plan for the future of Session Spiels is to get back to regular weekly posts that include much more than every couple of weeks updates.  The goal is weekly Thursday posts, occasion Sunday weekend blurbs (when we do more than sit on the couch and eat a lot of ice cream...), and monthly photo posts.  Feel free to hold me to this and enjoy a photo representing the day I have had today aka stuffing my face!



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