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When I met Ryan, I was a high school teacher and about a year in, I started grad school to become a school counselor.  The month before I joined Ryan in D.C. (December 2016), I graduated with my Masters in school counseling.  When I didn’t find a job in a school right away, I took a job as a full time nanny in hopes that I would be starting the next school year as a counselor. 

Ryan and I were not expecting to absolutely fall in love with the kiddos.  When I started, Kate and Cole were 3 months old (and now they are 17 month old big girls) .  They are fraternal twins full of spunk and when March rolled around and it was time to apply for jobs, Ryan and I decided together that maybe I would put off a school position until post-wedding.  The rationalization included everything except that we just love K and C way too much to give them up.  After the wedding, Ryan and I finally admitted it to each other that even though I love love loved my school counseling program and internships, we just can’t bear the thought of me not being K and C’s nanny. 

I could go on for hours about how much I love those girls (never ask Ryan to see a picture of “the nuggets” because he will not stop) and really have to those who I talk to regularly.  Being a full time nanny is such an interesting role.  I am incredibly lucky to work for such a wonderful family.  K and C’s parents are incredibly easy to work for and refer to me as Aunt Megan (and post wedding Ryan got the title of Uncle Ryan). 

Ryan and I feel like they are our whole world and it makes me so excited for what’s to come in our future as our family grows.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ryan and I will love our children so much our hearts might burst.  The final decision job-wise has essentially come to the fact that I will continue to be Kate and Cole’s nanny for as long as they’ll have me or until Ryan and I have our first baby…whichever comes first! 

School counseling is still such a big part of who I am and the tools and skills that I learned and developed have had such a positive impact on all of my personal, emotional, and professional relationships.  I would love to get back into the field one day, but for right now I get to keep having the surprising job of my dreams spending 45 hours a week with my two favorite toddler BFFs.



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