Let's Go Pens!

Two weekends ago, Ryan took me to Pittsburgh for the first time!  It's crazy that we have been together over five years and I was just now making it there.  The city is incredibly important to Ryan, his family, and our pseudo family, the G's.  We were long over due for my first trip to Pittsburgh.  We drove up on Saturday afternoon...it was a successful road trip except for the 30 minutes when we realized we left our tickets to the game at home and didn't know if we could get them electronically.  After that stressful moment (when we were both mentally figuring out that it was both of our faults/nobody's fault/uh oh), we got back on the road and made it just in time to...wait in a really long line.
But really...we checked in to our hotel and hustled over to the fan fest.  I was more than happy to tag along with Ryan on what was about to be, according to him, the second best moment of his life...kissing the cup (if you ask him when I'm not around, he might have a different answer).  We took a ferry across the river to the stadium and stood in line for a little over an hour and a half so that we could touch/kiss/get pictures with the cup.  Ryan was so happy!  And it was a pretty amazing thing to see in person.  Even though I am sure the Pens will when the Stanley Cup MANY times in our lifetime, it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
After we kissed the cup, we stood in another line to get in.  At the moment, I told Ryan that if Mindy Kaling ever comes to town he is waiting in a very long line with me to meet her! 
Our seats were pretty amazing and were actually inside at the game.  It wasn't as cold as our last time at the winter classic, but I was still grateful that we weren't sitting outside!  The highlight of the evening was definitely the fact that the Pens won (and that they had actual penguins on the ice)!  And that with the spirit of the game, I agreed to change our puppy name to one of the players, Murray!  (Also, how cute are our matching hats?  I had top priorities when planning our packing list for the trip).
On Sunday, we got up early and headed up the incline (I can't be the only person that is obsessed with the incline and the ferrys we took across the river).  Pittsburgh is such a unique city and I only saw such a small bit of it!
At the top of the incline we had an amazing view of the entire skyline, the bridges, and the spot where the three rivers meet.  It was pretty awesome and the best part was having Ryan point out to me all of his favorite places and family memories from that one spot (have I mentioned lately that I love that guy?).
We sadly didn't have time for any classic Pittsburgh meals, but we did manage to stop by an official Pens store because we obviously needed more Pens apparel...

It was such a great weekend with my main man and I am so excited to go back soon so that I can experience the rest of the city with him and hopefully another Pittsburgh win!



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