Meet Murray

It seems fitting that right when I sat down to type this, Murray went to the bathroom all over the kitchen floor.  That should tell you how puppy life is going for everyone over here!

Last Thursday, we finally got to go pick up Murray, the bernedoodle, from the breeder!  We had some communication issues with the breeder and didn't know when we would get him until we got a text Thursday morning.  We were ecstatic and hustled to grab some food and carpet cleaner (the only two things we still needed).  On Friday, Ryan was able to work from home (I'm not sure how much he was able to actually get done).  It has been exhausting...and amazing.

Puppies are a lot of fun and a lot of snuggles...but a lot of work.  And I realize everyone that has had a puppy says that, but I think until you are outside freezing at 3AM waiting for your dog to go to the bathroom...after he peed on your pajamas as you walked don't truly understand what that "work" looks like.  Ryan and I love Murray to death but are still figuring out daily life with a very needy puppy that doesn't understand the concept of going to the bathroom outside!

Luckily, Murray is a cuddler extraordinaire who makes us laugh and feels like the missing piece that we didn't know we were missing!  So, it all evens out in the end :)


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