a marathon, not a sprint

Don't let the title fool you.  I have never ran over 3.1 miles.  However, here I am to talk about this wonderful horrible fitness journey I started (restarted, actually) for the millionth time almost 3 months ago.  So, any of you who have to listen to me talk on a regular basis know that I hired a personal trainer a few years ago just for about 3 months but was able to lose that post college weight that I had gained and...hey, it only took two years to gain it back (insert crying face smiley emoji here).

Anyways, over the past six months I have just grown exhausted with not loving my body and decided to do something about it.  So, I looked online and found a personal trainer.  He is the best.  His name is Kevin and he's my age with a cute wife and kid.  He is also on a fitness journey too (when I talk about candy...he talks about eating too much fruit---insert crying face smiley emoji--again) and comes straight to the apartment to train me in the apartment gym. 

I love Kevin because he lets me whine and he is also hilarious.  He also thinks I'm hilarious which significantly helps the situation.  I was feeling vaguely frustrated because the scale has fluctuated in such an obnoxious way but I am almost down two dress sizes (depending on the store).  SO I am finally feeling over the scale (Kevin never wanted me to weigh myself more than once a month anyways).  And the before and during pictures are keeping me going.  So, here I am sharing my before and during story with you guys, too. 

One other fun accomplishment (other than my mini biceps) is that my plank PR has gone from 38 seconds to (drumroll please)...

Look at that!  I essentially cried when this happened.  Anyways, it's happening.  For real.  And it has transformed from 2 sessions a week with Kevin and supplemented cardio to that plus me agreeing when friends ask if I want to wake up an hour early on a week day to go on a run (I've done it twice...so yes, pigs are flying) and me actually not wanting to eat chips all the time? Who am I?

So, that's the big current update!  And here's hoping it just keeps getting better.  Feel free to ask me to join you on an early morning run...or something of the sort.  I just might say yes these days!


  1. So proud of you and I would totally go on an early morning run with you if we lived in the same city!


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