Happy Fourth!

I love all holidays and the fourth of July is definitely a top favorite.  I grew up spending the fourth of July in matching Old Navy flag t-shirts with the family, setting off fireworks in the cul-de-sac, and throwing those poppers all over the sidewalk.  As an adult, all I need is a good red lipstick, a great view of fireworks (even if from the comfort of my couch), and my main man by my side. And let’s not forget the #1 necessity, BBQ brisket and an ice cold bud light.

I tried to make this a post without food being brought up…but I just couldn’t do it! 
This year I have my red, white, and blue outfit all ready to go and we get to see the White House fireworks from the roof of Ryan’s office building.  We are also so excited because some of our closest friends ,Hannah and Aubrey, are coming in for a visit for the holiday weekend.  Last year we went to Matchbox for pizza and Rita’s for frozen ice before the fireworks so…if you know how much I love tradition…you know we will be doing the exact same thing this year!  The only thing that’s different is…Ryan will not be studying for the bar exam before and after the fireworks (PRAISE).

How will you be celebrating the holiday with your family?  I love to add to our list of traditions (and so does Ryan, of course)!

Happy Fourth!


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