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Hey pals!

I keep meaning to post…and I keep putting it to the bottom of my to-do list.  But, finally!  Here we are!  So here is a post about random things and a little life update—my favorite!

Yesterday was the first day of my week and a half paid vacation (whooo)!  The girls I nanny for (Kate and Cole) and their parents are going on a vacation so I got the week off!  I am spending the weekend and Monday at home in Alexandria and will then be in Omaha visiting some of the family and spending a lot of quality time with my mom and sister.  As my parents’ move to New Orleans comes closer (someone please buy their house), I am getting more and more sentimental about Omaha and am so grateful that my parents ended up there during this chapter in their life. 

On a less happy note, R and I recently had to put so much $$$$$ into fixing our car…and of course one week later Murray grabbed my phone off the kitchen counter and chewed it until it was so broken it started randomly calling people, but the touch screen wasn’t working and I couldn’t hang up/do anything.  That was fun to replace ($$). Not. 

Back to the good, I have recently become really good friends with a handful of girls in our apartment building and it is a game changer that I did not realize I needed!  It is so fun and feels a lot like I am back  in college walking down the hall except this time it’s with a glass of wine and not with a cup of Easy Mac in my hand (I wish).

Murray has been growing like a weed since I last posted about him.  He is as stinkery as ever and is just 100% puppy.  I love him immensely but, I don’t always like him (like when he breaks my phone and can’t pay for it)!  He had a little sleepover at the dog walkers last night and one solid night sleep was a total game changer.—Update since I began this post though…he has been awesome this weekend!  Here is hoping it isn’t a fluke. 

And last, but not least!  My favorite boy’s birthday is today!  I would write a novel about how wonderful he is and how much I love him but I don’t need to embarrass him more than I already did when I told the waitress it was his birthday or asked our neighbor to come over and take our picture before we went out to celebrate…SO I will just say Happy Birthday to my favorite person!  I love you!


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