Tacos, Tequila, Twizzlers. And all other things I wish I was tasting this Tuesday.

Hey guys!

So, here we are.  One day into this new wonderful meal plan (insert crying emoji here).  It was about time that I finally started catching up my nutrition with all of the working out I have been doing for the past few months.  I asked my trainer if he would make me an EXACT meal plan detailing exactly what food and how much I should have of it to reach my desired macros.  Yesterday was day one and the two most important things I took away from it were: thank goodness I negotiated one diet coke every other day (I do regret having it at 8am yesterday though—haha) and that steel cut oats taste like chopped up sticks from the backyard.  But, after 24 hours I was already down a pound so…onwards and…downwards?

This weekend will be slightly difficult though since I will be in Austin at a conference—wish me luck! 

I also started training for a 10K this week that is the first weekend in November!  I honestly would not even recognize myself anymore (lifestyle wise) but, I am so excited.  Thank you for supporting me on this journey to health (and fitting into my favorite dress)!


  1. You are so impressive! I always pack healthy snacks with me when I travel to stay on track!

    Also, what half marathon are you doing?!

  2. Did you know I describe food as sticks too??? Haha normally when I'm describing the sound of Drew eating. Good luck!!!! (But can you have a cheat weekend???)


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