End of Summer Snippets

Hey babes!

I just wanted to give a quick update to sum up the end of summer! What better way to do that then with a few snippets.  You should be forewarned that the things I find really prominent about the end of summer will seem----- not prominent.  J

1.        Red Jolly Ranchers.  Let me just talk about this for a minute.  When I started my meal plan, I got Kevin (my trainer) to agree that I could have one a day and the red variety bag tops all other jolly ranchers.  And I’ll admit, it isn’t my favorite candy by any means, but I only want one and still feel satisfied—and that doesn’t happen to me in terms of sweets, or food in general, ever.  The love is so real that I woke up one morning with my mouth feeling weird only to have Ryan tell me I got one in the middle of the night when I was taking Murray out and fell asleep eating it—not my proudest moment.

2.       Moving on to more important matters!  I have found my brand new super favorite chapsticks!  I already own three of the scents and not only are they my favorite for their smells, I am also completely in love with their packaging and price.  I also feel like it is a little more moisturizing than the babylips or burt’s bees that I typically wear, but isn’t as goopy as the aquaphor that I put on my lips at night!

3.       Another total diet (ahem—lifestyle change) treat that has been a total game changer are RX bars.  I am a weird kind of picky so even though I was hesitant to try some of the flavors (I literally like all of them though) I was up to try all of them because the ingredients were so basic yet the flavor is so spot on.  It isn’t often that I like peanut butter flavored anything as much as I love just a good scoop of JIF or a pb milkshake from gillie’s, but this is a great health(ier) option.

4.       Before I start on about pumpkin flavored goodies (meet Megan, the most basic of basics), I have to note one of the best ways to end the summer was the Isom family picnic that I organized with my grandma.  I come from a fairly large family and everyone was there except for 4 people (who were so dearly missed).  There is a post to come about the reasons behind the picnic and how it came together!

All of the cousins (+significant others) that were there!

Right after my sweet cousin Hannah, in the middle, asked us all to be bridesmaids in her wedding next fall!

R and I being cute as usual

My cute mom and sister in the chambray!

5.       One last summer snippet.  The most important of all---what shows I fell in love with this summer!  I watch just about every sitcom and a handful of dramas every year.  So, when the summer comes around I try to find a new summer series and a fall series I didn’t watch to binge.  This summer, I watched all of Riverdale and LOVED every minute of it.  I read a lot of Archie comics as a kid and was so invested in the story line.  And how can you not love it when the show couple turns into a real life couple!  And for my summer series, I have fallen head over heels for The Bold Type.  I love the three main characters and also love how true to real life it seems to me.  I get that the actual jobs they have might not be the most realistic but the amount of drama in their daily lives/how it is resolved seems so much more reasonable to me than how a lot of shows go! 

6.       FALL CANDLES.  GUYS.  Luckily, I limited myself to only buying the glade pumpkin candles so I feel a lot less guilty about keeping them constantly lit.  And how convenient, I can pick a little one up everytime I go to Target!  I also grabbed some apple cinnamon pretzels and some pumpkin kind bars—they are great in small doses!  My favorite kinds of pumpkins are carved or little ones—not so much the lattes! 


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